Thankful for Fall

It has taken me almost 17 years of living in Connecticut to really appreciate fall in New England. I grew up in Puerto Rico where it was always warm and sunny. I had an amazing childhood mostly because I grew up in such a beautiful place. It will always live close to my heart.

I had never seen snow before moving here in the fall of 1994.

So when fall came I would immediately think of the cold weather coming, and was never really able to enjoy. Now after all this time I can finally say, I do love the fall and all its beauty. My boyfriend loves the seasons and always said his favorite is fall. I love my Summers and always will but Fall is a close second. I feel lucky we live in a place where we get to see all the four seasons. I try to enjoy Fall while its here and soak up Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays with family and friends!

Looking back a couple of years, I have accumulated lots of nice images of Fall in Connecticut. I love taking pictures of nature. I thought I would share some of my favorites. Enjoy!


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