The little things…..

So I went to Starbucks this morning, the first time in a while because I’ve been on a Dunkin Donuts kick. I love their coffee but not the espresso drinks. Today I wanted a caramel machiatto, skim, no foam please! I was going to need it for a long day ahead.

The barista at the drive thru hands me the red holiday cup and I literally gasp! I think I scared him.

There is nothing like the Starbucks red cup to get me in the holiday spirit!

Some of you might think, “really? a freaking red cup? I say yes! When I see it, I think about the holidays, dinners with friends and family, Christmas vacation and days off at home with my doggies and boyfriend (who I don’t have a day off with my current schedule).

I compose myself, look at it and it says “Lets rediscover why we are best friends” and I think, yeah, lets!

I’m a true believer in the saying ” It’s the small things in life that count” and the Starbucks red holiday cup is the perfect example:

I had to work 8-6 on a Sunday, I was running late ( and my boss actually docked the fifteen minutes off my pay at the end of the day) but getting that holiday cup this morning put me in a great mood.

It made me stop feeling sorry for myself, things aren’t so bad, the holidays are almost here, a new year lies ahead and all is well!

Take the time to appreciate the little things!


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