Elizabeth Josephine Love!

Elizabeth Josephine Love is my 7yr old Scottish Terrier. She is my partner in crime, my soul mate and my BFF (best furry friend).

She was born September 17th, 2004. I got her from a breeder in NJ a week before Thanksgiving, when she was 3mths old.

This time of year reminds me of the awful drive to New Jersey we took that Saturday in 4 hours worth of traffic with my boyfriend extremely frustrated because we had to be back in town for a church Thanksgiving event with his grandma, but it was so worth it!

My boyfriend was not happy I was getting a dog. He already had Snoopy, the JRT from hell(just kidding, sort of) Snoopy was a rescue my boyfriend took in and they had a really nice bond. They were and always will be boys! I wanted my own puppy to have a special bond with.

The moment I saw Elizabeth I knew we were meant for each other. And almost like she knew she had to win him over, the first thing she did when she saw my boyfriend was reach up out of the box she was in to kiss his face.

From the beginning she was so sweet, and loving. She slept alot as a puppy. I would bring her to work with me, at the time I was working at a dance studio and could keep her in my office. The children and parents loved discovering the puppy sleeping under my desk. She grew up there and when she was old enough, I started leaving her at home with Snoopy.

She loves children as long as they are gentle, and if they aren’t she lets them know!

She’s a great playmate to her brother Snoopy, even if he steals her toys.

We celebrate her birthday every year and she loves getting special treats.

Shes so patient and kind, even when I make her do things she doesn’t want to do, she’ll do it to please me, and for the attention.

She makes everything better, even snow, which I hate!

I’m more of a beach type of girl, and Elizabeth loves the beach.

Shes a deep thinker. I heard the Dali Lama say if you are an animal, and you’re good, you can come back as a human and I really do believe that in another life, she will be an amazing human being!

Shes part of my family, and I can’t imagine my life without her in it.

So this is for you, my lovey girl Liz, mama loves you!


10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Josephine Love!

  1. I love your story about Elizabeth. She sounds wonderful. BTW, Lynn who responded is Arlo my wheatie’s breeder. Also, I paged down and saw some wonderful CT fall photos. Thanks.

    Linda, Abby & Arlo

    1. Thats interesting that Lynn is your breeder! She has beautiful puppies! I’m excited about knowing a a breeder that has wheatons for future reference! Glad you enjoyed the CT photos too!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. OH KAT! that made me cry (in a wonderful way)… I never heard that about animals – that they can come back as humans if they are good. I love that. I don’t know if you remember brutus (the pug we had)…he was so bad. He’ll be coming back as a dog for sure, or maybe a rodent.

    Elizabeth is so sweet. Love the pictures especially with her on the beach.

    For me, the key to my writing, is to connect with my reader. you did this here. I need to sign up for your posts so I don’t forget to read you. (do you have that? – I’ll look around and see – ohhh there it is, got it!)


    1. I heard the Dali Lama says that about people too, not just animals, haha! I remember Brutus, Kerry used to bring him to the Peck, back in the days…he was funny!
      Thanks for the encouragement, it gives me inspiration to keep writing!

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