Snoopy loop

I’m not sure where to start with this blog because it’s about Snoopy….. the JRT that manages to make me laugh, cry and truly live with the saying “There’s Never a Dull Moment”

He is smart and funny and trouble all in one! It’s his intelligence that is constantly getting him into trouble. We just have to keep him exercised so he is too tired to do anything else.

This could really be a book but I’ll keep it to the funny places the little monster likes to lay on when he’s not getting himself into trouble. Here are some of them.

This is a clean basket of laundry, he will also just lay on piles of clean laundry if I’m folding it on the bed or couch.

This is my favorite beach bag, he really like this one too, especially if there are towels in it to make it cushy.

Here he is in the basket of shoes we keep by the door. There is actually a dog bed right next it. I dont know why I bother buying dog beds at all.

 Here he is on my yoga mat, very hard to concentrate on yoga and breathing with a dog taking up room on your mat.

 Sleeping with his daddy, he loves fleece blankets and pillows.

He also like to lay side ways with his legs up in the air or on something.

Every once in a while I catch them sleeping together and it makes me happy that they have each other. They are never touching, just close by.

He loves laying out in he sun. I call him our little sun-god because he will look for sunny spots to lay in. He will lay out with me in lazy summer days.

And through it all, we love our Snoopy! We wouldn’t change him for the world!


4 thoughts on “Snoopy loop

  1. JRT’s are really a hoot. You have him pegged though, I have heard that you have to really keep them excersized and busy to prevent them from getting into too much trouble. Snoopy is really a good looking dog, even though he’s not a Scottie!

  2. that was GREAT Kat! you and snoop made me smile. I believe you when you say he’s trouble. Lindsay’s dog Mylo is either a rat terrier or a mini pin- jack mix. either way, he’s TROUBLE but the best snuggler in the world. and very needy. and I like that. little miss lucy is way to independent and low maintenance. (translation – BORING)

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