Post Thanksgiving

I’m lucky enough to have this weekend off (I usually work) so after being in a food coma for two days, we piled in the car and went to our favorite walking trails! Elizabeth was the first one in the car!

And the first one out to lead the way!

I let her off leash at these trails because she is very good at staying close and checking to see if I’m right behind her, a couple times I hid behind a tree and she’d come looking for me!

Snoopy loves finding holes and places where there might be critters to hunt!

We found a nice place to stop and look at the scenery. As the sun went down the sky turned colors.

Elizabeth also took a few minutes rest here, told her brother to bugger off and posed for a few shots…..

Love the way her eyes light up!

And then we set back out of the woods to go home, a little more rejuvinated and grateful!


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