Oh Christmas tree…

We went to get a tree on Sunday morning. The weather was nice and I had the morning off.

We all went to pick it out. Elizabeth was very excited and stopped to smile long enough for me to get a good picture.

Snoopy was all over the place, as usual.

We got it up and then it sat undecorated for a couple of days because I had tons of work to do for school.

Tonight we put some christmas music on, I poured myself a glass of sangria and we decorated the tree finally!

I tried to get Lizzie into the festivities but she slept through it.

The lights went on first. It’s so nice with just lights. I took tons of pictures with my hipstamatic app on my iPhone, it takes funky pictures and I love it.

Here it is with all the ornaments on! I don’t remember enjoying christmas trees as much when I was a child. But we’ve always had a real christmas tree as long as we’ve lived here and now its tradition.

It was so nice to relax, decorate, take pictures and have fun after a tough week!

So all in all it was a good night, hope that wherever you are, yours was too, Happy Holidays!


9 thoughts on “Oh Christmas tree…

  1. It’s beautiful Kat! Love your love for the holidays! I’m sort of a bah humbug kind of girl 😦 but this weekend is Santacon, so it might pep me up a bit. oh, and I get the bigggest kick out of Elizabeths smile 🙂

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