is it Spring break yet?

So I havent posted a blog in a while because with finals at school, the holidays and work, I just couldn’t think about writing anything.

This past weekend I found myself looking through a slide show of our trip to Wisconsin this Summer. I followed a week in Wisconsin with a week in Cape Cod Massachusetts for my birthday. It was a great way to end the Summer!

It made me nostalgic for those lazy Summer vacation days……

I took some great shots of the sunset from the dock of the house we stayed at.

Remembering it takes me to that peaceful place standing on the dock of Squirrel Lake, just taking in the beauty of nature. It was amazing and breath-taking!

I always say, that’s where I find god, in nature’s beauty, in animals and in children (well, some of them, haha).

I’m already planning my next vacation like its my full-time job!

Flying into Wisconsin

The lake during the day was beautiful!

We saw loons swimming on the lake near us!

but as soon as the sun started going down, the whole sky would change colors over the lake, it was majestic to just sit and watch!

So now I’m feeling even more nostalgic……Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Happy Holidays!


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