Crafty Giving and a New Year!

I got a chance to make some cute ornaments for friends this Christmas that I wanted to show off!

It was fun to make the time to make something for other people, I actually think its very therapeutic and its nice to use things you already have to make something new!

I saw some felt christmas tree ornaments at target and I thought, those would be cute to add things to, like a Scottie of course!

So I set out to draw a Scottie I could trace onto felt which took awhile but I did it!

Here is the final product, ok, it doesn’t look as cute in the picture!

I also made a heart one, for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, these would be a good Valentine too, and the felt is sparkly!

I even made this one for my boss that has labs, she loved it!

So that was fun!

Now that Christmas is over, I’m sad to have to put away all the decorations and take down the tree.

I like to clean house before the new year. It’s something that’s always made sense to me, and when I was little growing up in Puerto Rico people would clean and mop their houses then throw the dirty water out ceremoniously to get rid of the old energy in the house for the new year.

So today and tomorrow, I will clean. Tomorrow night, we will celebrate a new year!

My hope for the new year is that I get a job after I graduate! It would sound cliché to say I want peace on earth but I DO, for all beings!

Happy New Year!


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