New Years Day

I woke up pretty late, and the boyfriend went to play golf (yes, golf in December in CT because we’ve had a couple of 50 degree days). The house was quiet and the dogs knew I was awake the moment I opened my eyes!

I threw on some pants while they waited and a jacket to go in the backyard and start our new year right!

We are so lucky to live in a beautiful area, with a spring and woods in the back.

I love going back there with the dogs, I love it in the summer when the trees are full and there are flowers and wild berries that the birds eat.

It’s magical in the winter too, especially in the snow!

This is a shot of last winter since it has not snowed yet except for that weird Halloween snow storm!

Today its beautiful out, feels like a Spring day!

Snoopy always does his own thing in the backyard, mostly look for something to kill, typical JRT!

Elizabeth doesn’t ever leave my side if I’m walking around back there. We often sit on the steps that lead down to the spring.

It’s like a broke down castle, just an arch and three steps that lead directly to the water.

I like to sit, listen to the water, look around, take pictures, mediate.

and Elizabeth does too.

This morning, she just sat by the water and looked around.

We sat together and took in the beautiful morning, the beginning of a new year!

Here she is actually eating some bamboo leaves from a fallen stalk, maybe she’s really a panda!

I hope it’s a good year for all!

Lots of Love,

Kat and Liz!


10 thoughts on “New Years Day

  1. Love the pictures of Lizzie. It’s been exceptionally nice around here (KY) too so we’ve been taking advantage of it with longer walks– wish we had a backyard like yours– although knowing Brodie she would have jumped in the water! Happy New Year to you, Lizzie, and Snoopy too!

  2. I love these photos and this post! The water scenes look tranquil and peaceful. We only have a dry runoff down below in the canyon. The only time we see water is when it rains! You are fortunate to have such beauty all around.

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