Doggies play and then the 1st snow came!

Yesterday we got a visit from the dog that lives across the creek, Jackson, he’s a German short-haired pointer that jumps in the water to come across to our yard, I’m not sure why his owners aren’t more vigilant, but when he sees us in the backyard, he comes over.

He is huge and his size scares me a little around Elizabeth because he can easily trample her but she keeps her distance and is cautious with him. Snoopy and him play ok too, but I keep an eye on them as boys will be boys!

I noticed there was ice on the edge of the water, it’s definitely chilly here today but still no snow for us yet.

I saw a beautiful blue bird but couldn’t get a picture fast enough.

I also saw the black lab across the spring was sitting in his yard watching us and him and Elizabeth exchanged some barks.

We stayed out until I couldn’t feel my face and then we went inside to warm up.

Last night it snowed a little so we went out for a late night walk

This morning it was just a little slushy and there was a small covering of snow but not much accumulation

It was nice to have a flurry, anymore more than that, I might not have been too happy about but the dogs love the outdoors no matter what, I try to be like them and enjoy it even when I’m freezing and would rather be on the beach!


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