Missing Puerto Rico

I grew up in Puerto Rico and I miss it everyday but today I miss it even more. The rain, the cold and the darkness of CT starts getting to me after a while.

The picture at the top of my blog is Playa Chiquita, one of my favorite beaches in P.R. it’s completely enclosed in rocks except for a small opening where the waves crash in. This is the original picture.

Heres a couple more shots of the beach at different angles

Other than the beach I love hiking in the rainforest, it’s so beautiful that you don’t mind the trek down to see the waterfalls, about 45 minutes to an hour but totally worth it!

This shot was taking from the top of a viewing tower!

It’s one of my favorite pictures ever, you can see we are under the clouds and its raining but you can see blue skies and the ocean in the distance!

And here’s a beautiful sunset! I cant wait to go back!


2 thoughts on “Missing Puerto Rico

  1. I have been to San Juan twice and loved the climate. I was there in March & April. I remember the warm breeze at night. Yes, I went to the rain forest and drank from the wine sack, I forget what it was called!

    1. hehe, sounds like you had fun! I grew up on the ooposite side of the island from San Juan, while I do enjoy San Juan, the cobble stone streets, its full of tourist, since the cruises dock there and its where the main airport is. I like to stay out of San Juan as much as possible, its become very populated, and commercial, its a good/bad thing!

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