Orangutan Poaching!

I got this in my email this morning and it made me so damn mad, I had to post it. What is wrong with this world that we kill and poach these beautiful creatures! We  do it to all kinds of species and it needs to stop! When are we going to take action, when there are no more animals left on Earth! Our survival and theirs is closely related!

Sign the petition at Care2.com


One thought on “Orangutan Poaching!

  1. I have deal w/poachers in one aspect or another, on a daily basis. I study, care for and strive to protect several families of white-tailed deer and bucks, who inhabit a protected-by-law territory. The poaching of these beautiful creatures has been a problem over the years, but this year, it was a living nightmare. I have lost 10 deer to poachers that I know of and I am studying a yearling doe, who has a poacher-inflicted wound. It is heartbreaking. I have been working w/law enforcement to bring these evil people to justice. One was arrested and jailed last month.
    I share in your anger about poaching…it is cruel and unnecessary.

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