Wordless Wednesday






Spring Break…..

I just got back from my last official Spring Break as a college student.

I will graduate in May with my Masters and join the real world of Monday to Friday 9-5. No more crazy schedule but also no more Spring Break for me!

And as much as I hate leaving my doggies, I needed a mini vacation.

I wanted this Spring Break to be a beach bums wish come true. I can’t imagine a better place to be than on the beach for vacation, maybe because I grew up on the beach and it reminds me of home.

I just started a new job so I was restricted in time, and Spring break is an expensive time to travel but we made it work.

We narrowed our hotel choices to “On the Beach” so I could just roll out of bed and onto the sand, perfect!

and a short flight.

So down south to Florida we went.

It was amazing.

We could see the sunrise from our hotel.

And the sunset from the beach.

I was on the beach all day.

Found teeny tiny seashells

Took pictures of everything

We had drinks!

KC and my Miami Vice, yummiest drink ever!

I had the chance to just take in the moments, I loved when the sun went down over the beach, the way the clouds looked, the palms trees and the water!

And I recharged….

I feel changes coming and I want to hold on to every single moment for as long as possible.

I read in a study that to be happy we should spend our money on experiences not things, I’m trying to live by the rule.

Make memories with loved ones.

and live in the moment because time flies……breath and take it all in, everyday!

And we don’t have to be on vacation to do that but it really does help!

International Womans Day!

I minored in Woman Studies at the University of Connecticut. It was something that changed my view of the world.

I had the privilege of education and with that comes a certain amount of responsibility to give back.

When I learn about the struggles of woman and how hard they fought for equal rights, I could not help but feel grateful and inspired by them.

It also helped me examine how far we have come and how much more work we have ahead of us.

Our rights are still constantly under attack. Woman around the world suffer greatly everyday.

The perception of women being less than or the weaker sex is still present in our society.

I see battered, victimized and powerless woman in my work everyday.

But when I look back at our history, I see nothing but strength, beauty and progress.

I am inspired by these women and it gives me hope that our daughters and our daughters daughters will continue the work and inherit a world that values women instead of degrade them on a regular basis.

This is a great video of the history, I hope you learn something and pass it on!