Wordless Wednesday



My little digger Liz

So Easter Sunday we were all in the backyard enjoying the weather.

I was sitting on the wall that divides the spring and the backyard when I saw the ducks coming downstream.

They come to visit every so often and sometimes I run back in the house to get bread tot feed them. Today I just watched them get closer and closer.

They didn’t seem to mind I was there.

And were going under water and eating something, I don’t know what.

Sometimes they were standing in the water, I could see their orange feet.

And I continued to watch them but then…..

I happened to think, where is Lizzie? Sometimes she barks at the ducks and scares them away.

I looked to my right and saw Elizabeth’s entire head in a whole in the ground and she was digging and digging!

I jumped up and ran over to see how big this whole was.

She wouldn’t even let me take a look, she wanted to keep digging!!

I freaked out, we live near water, in the woods, and we have had close encounters with woodland creatures, I’m thinking a little creature is at the other end of that hole!!

Snoopy got sprayed by skunks, I’ve seen a groundhog walk up to the door, a raccoon in the garbage box and the garbage men say they see coyotes in the early hours of the morning.

I pulled her away and went inside. I felt so bad because she was working so hard and I had never seen her dig before!

It was so funny to see my perfect little Scottie girl digging and I was so proud of her!

So while I was watching the ducks, my Scottish Terrier dug her first hole (that I know of)

Happy Easter Weekend!

I had a three-day weekend for Easter!

It was so nice to have the time off to regroup and get ready for the next few weeks, especially so close to Spring Break.

Friday I spent cleaning and cooking and outside with the dogs.

Saturday I took Elizabeth to get microchipped at an event sponsored by OPIN, Outreach to Pets In Need. There are the fundraising arm for our local animal shelter and a local nonprofit that helps place and keep rescue pets in their homes.

We went early and saw lots of dogs and cats, learned about the organization, got interviewed by our local paper about our city and how dog friendly it is.

and took a picture with the Easter Bunny!!!!!

Elizabeth was so excited and behaved like a proper Scottie lass, for the most part.

Afterwards, we stopped by the beach since we were so close and in that part of town.

I feel like I am always called by the ocean, it pulls me to it, whenever I’m near.

The ocean has taken from me….and given me a lot, and being near it is the only time I feel complete.

So it was nice to find the beach empty

Elizabeth ran right in the water!

Ran around in the sand

And sat to look around and just relax like she always does

We saw some doggies walk by and said hello

and sitting there, I realized that we rarely get to spend time alone like this. We have never really been anywhere just the two of us.

Watching her was seeing the purest form of joy at its best!

It made me think of how little of that we have as humans, just the pure joy of being in the moment.

I felt such love and appreciation for her at that moment, because she teaches me something everyday!

To just be happy and grateful for these moments in time…..she’s such an old soul and a has such a great spirit!

And I am grateful to have her and everyone I care about in my life.

So Happy Easter everyone, enjoy the time spent with your loved ones!

til the next time….xoxo

Sunday Fun Day

My sister wanted to bring my niece and nephew to Silverman’s Farm in Easton CT today so I thought I’d tag along.

They have an apple orchard, farm stand and animal farm. No apples this time of year but we can go see the animals!


Catalina was wearing her Lizzie and gave her some cuddles before we left.


The Emu was really cool!


Catalina feeding the baby goats!





This peacock was stunning!


and if you have never seen a peacocks butt, this is what it looks like!


I loved this little guy, he was cute.




Baby lambs are so sweet.




and I got this adorable bunny at the farm stand!


We came back home and played with the dogs in the backyard. Now they are exhausted and I can just relax for the rest of the day.

Perfect Sunday, hope wherever you are, your day is perfect too!