Sunday Fun Day

My sister wanted to bring my niece and nephew to Silverman’s Farm in Easton CT today so I thought I’d tag along.

They have an apple orchard, farm stand and animal farm. No apples this time of year but we can go see the animals!


Catalina was wearing her Lizzie and gave her some cuddles before we left.


The Emu was really cool!


Catalina feeding the baby goats!





This peacock was stunning!


and if you have never seen a peacocks butt, this is what it looks like!


I loved this little guy, he was cute.




Baby lambs are so sweet.




and I got this adorable bunny at the farm stand!


We came back home and played with the dogs in the backyard. Now they are exhausted and I can just relax for the rest of the day.

Perfect Sunday, hope wherever you are, your day is perfect too!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Fun Day

    1. No pets allowed at Silverman’s but she got lots of playtime in after. Silverman’s has an apple orchard for fall picking. The animal farm and farm store are open year round. The store sells fresh cider, baked good and cute things. Its a nice short ride too, very nice day. The dogs are beat and napping since the kids left, love it!

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