My little digger Liz

So Easter Sunday we were all in the backyard enjoying the weather.

I was sitting on the wall that divides the spring and the backyard when I saw the ducks coming downstream.

They come to visit every so often and sometimes I run back in the house to get bread tot feed them. Today I just watched them get closer and closer.

They didn’t seem to mind I was there.

And were going under water and eating something, I don’t know what.

Sometimes they were standing in the water, I could see their orange feet.

And I continued to watch them but then…..

I happened to think, where is Lizzie? Sometimes she barks at the ducks and scares them away.

I looked to my right and saw Elizabeth’s entire head in a whole in the ground and she was digging and digging!

I jumped up and ran over to see how big this whole was.

She wouldn’t even let me take a look, she wanted to keep digging!!

I freaked out, we live near water, in the woods, and we have had close encounters with woodland creatures, I’m thinking a little creature is at the other end of that hole!!

Snoopy got sprayed by skunks, I’ve seen a groundhog walk up to the door, a raccoon in the garbage box and the garbage men say they see coyotes in the early hours of the morning.

I pulled her away and went inside. I felt so bad because she was working so hard and I had never seen her dig before!

It was so funny to see my perfect little Scottie girl digging and I was so proud of her!

So while I was watching the ducks, my Scottish Terrier dug her first hole (that I know of)


2 thoughts on “My little digger Liz

  1. Oh, her first hole! Lucky you!! Both Jacque and Pippen love to dig, but they both get pretty bored after a bit so the holes they dig are never too deep! Plus, our ground is really rocky so it’s hard even for me or my husband to dig a hole!! I love it when they look at you with their noses are dirty!! It’s so cute and you know they are so happy and proud of themselves!

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