The beginning of the rest of my life!

I’m graduating at Radio City Music Hall in NYC from the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services. It’s been a long road here but it’s been an amazing journey!


I always knew I would go to graduate school, it was goal I had and I was going to do it. I would say, “I’m going to go to Fordham and get my masters” it was my first choice. I applied but when I got my acceptance letter, I couldn’t believe it, it was amazing, I’ll never forgot that moment! My first year I went to the Lincoln Center campus and I fell in love with it, the city, the professors and my classes. It was right around the corner from Columbus Circle and two blocks from the park! I learned to take the subway and get around the city. I would wander the streets during my breaks and people watch. I loved the music all around and the different people. I learned so much more than just my course load during my time there. I found myself!



Columbus Circle at night!

But I was always exhausted…… so switching to the Westchester campus for my last year was a blessing. I miss the city so much but the time I saved commuting was well worth it. And the classes and professors at Westchester were more laid back, less intense, gave me some breathing room. It was the best decision I ever made as much as it hurt to not be in the city.

I got to go pick up my cap and gown this Saturday in the city and spent the rest of the afternoon there. It made me nostalgic, I miss going to the fountain at Lincoln Center, sitting on the patch of grass across from Julliard, the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle and Central Park.


Now I’m graduating and it all seems like a blur, like it went so fast. When did I get this old? What do I do now? Am I officially a grown up? do I have to get married? Or have a baby?

It’s the beginning of the rest of my life.

I’ll decide what lays ahead……..

To you dear reader I say, dream big, it’s never too late to accomplish what you want, you just have to want it bad enough!

Give back in smalls ways and it will come back to you!

So to quote Aaron Sorkins commencement speech at Syracuse (which I’m obsessed with)

“I wish for you a moment in time……..when you feel it, when you aim high, hit your target and just for a moment all else disappears….. and you soar with wings as eagles”



2 thoughts on “The beginning of the rest of my life!

  1. Kat, I enjoyed sharing your journey through grad school. I too had a dream and went back to UCONN when I was 33 and had 2 kids. I stayed in school through a divorce and graduated with honors. It was almost the proudest moment of my life, raising 2 wonderful boys tops my list. Good luck to you in what ever path you decide to follow. I’m sure that you will achieve success in whatever you choose to do.

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