Loving Stephen King!

I want to write about him, because he is one of the things I love! I need to write more and through reading him, he inspires my writing.

I collect anything Stephen King I can get my hands on, I love his movies, I have had the pleasure of seeing him twice in NYC at a book reading and a charity event he sponsored for his organization.

I’m a huge fan.

I try really hard to remember my first Stephen King book but I can’t, that bothers me. It might have been a collection of short stories called Nightmares and Dreamscapes. In this collection, they are making The Ten O’Clock People into a movie, it was just announced. Other short story collections are Four Past Midnight, this one includes The Langoliers and Secret Garden, Secret Window,  which are both movies now. Skeleton Crew is possibly my favorite because it includes “The Mist”, now a full length movie and “The Raft” which was featured in Creepshow 2 and is truly one of the best short stories ever!!!

Creepshow 1 and 2 are awesome, watch them! It’s a collaboration between King and George A. Romero and they are brilliant together!

There is some newer short story collections like Everything’s Eventual, Just After Sunset and Full Dark, No Stars. These are also very good and more recent.

It is hard to go into which book is my favorite because they all are. The experience of reading each one is different and they tend to be interrelated. If you don’t read a lot of Stephen King, you miss the connections.

His work almost always takes place in Maine or Colorado. The fictional towns are creepy and I’ve always wanted to go to Derry Maine, even though it doesn’t exist.

So I’ll tell you some of the books that really stand out for me, in no specific order, since I cant pick one!

I really loved Cujo, I love how most of the story happens in the characters head. She is trapped in a car with her child and there’s a rabid St. Bernard waiting to kill her on the outside. But I also felt bad for Cujo, just brilliant!

Carrie, of course, was a great read. It makes you feel so bad for her (she has a crazy mother, I can relate) that when she kills everyone, you actually cheer her on. Very very sick!

Christine was another stand out. The car that kills, it was just so cheeky and crazy. King inserted quotes from his favorite rock and roll songs before every chapter and there was a real sense of terror from the other characters in the story about Christine.

Insomnia is one of King’s stories that I adore. Set in Derry Maine, which is not good, nothing good ever happens in this town, the character in the book has premature awaking, where he wakes up in the middle of the night, every night, a little earlier and earlier. I’ve always been an insomniac and was drawn to the tittle of the book but it is about so much more than Insomnia and really takes off into a completely different story, its crazy good!

Thinner is a well-known movie but the book is better, they always are. “I curse you thinner” is something that sticks with me forever, and the book is really about taking responsibility, and doing the right thing. If you don’t know it, go read it, then watch the movie!

Some other quick mentions are The Stand, Salem’s Lot, Pet Sematary and The Shinning

Lastly but not least, because this could be the longest blog ever, are the Dark Tower books. A series of books that takes you to another world. It follows the story of Roland, the last gunslinger and it is captivating and you get to know the characters and care about them and its great. King just released an additional, standalone book to this series called The Wind through the Keyhole. He read it for the audio book version and its awesome to hear his voice telling the story.

He continues to write and almost every year there is a new book. Some of the new favorites are Under the Dome, Duma Key, Lisey’s Story and 11/22/63. He keeps writing so I can keep reading!

But read whatever you love, I also have other favorite authors that I read, Anna Quindle, Barbara Kingsolver, Sue Monk Kidd, John Irving, Virginia Woolf, Jane Hamilton and Philippa Gregory just to name a few.

There is a book out there for everyone so read!

AND since we have a Friday the 13th this weekend, maybe you can make it a Stephen King night, I know I will!


2 thoughts on “Loving Stephen King!

  1. Kat,
    Cujo was also one of my favorites as it was so scary, I could only read a little every night. At the time I read it, I was living in a house which was not visible from the road and was about 600 feet back, very secluded. BTW, I could never go to see that movie!

    I also read a couple of books that he wrote under a pen name, but they were no way as good.

    1. I loved Cujo, the movie is really good too! And his pen name was Richard Bachman, he wrote a few books under that name, none stand out to me for some reason but I’ve read them!

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