Wordless Wednesday in the Garden







Sunday Quotes……on my birthday

In celebrating my birthday I want to be grateful

Look back at my life for a minute then look to my future

Remember that this endless rat race of days, work, weekends, months, seasons isn’t so endless.

We actually lead very short lives and spend most of it wishing it away, I wish it was the weekend, I can’t wait til summer ect.

When we were younger, we wanted to be older, I was just a little girl………

Life is short, enjoy every minute!


A Lonely Place to Die

My boyfriend recorded the movie “A Lonely Place to Die” because he saw Melissa George was in it. We are huge fans and love her in “30 Days of Night” “The Amityville Horror” “Turista” and “Triangle” just to name a few.

A group of friends are headed to the Scottish mountains for some rock climbing and hiking when one of them hears something in the woods. They find a girl buried in the woods, they dig her out and decide to get her to safety.


Little do they know that helping her could cost them their lives.

The movie turns into a chase as they become the target of the kidnappers who took the girl.

The move is fast paced, intense and set against the beauty of the Scottish highlands.

It is interesting to see how these horrible things can happen in such a beautiful place.


The contrast is brilliant.

There is a scene where they are running through a street cardinal and the images, the dancers and the masks are so creepy. The people are like demons and it really adds to the the feel of desperation, of urgency to get to safety.

The kidnapper at one point picks up a pigs mask and puts it one, chasing the heroine though the streets and it is truly creepy. He’s become an animal, hunting his prey, no longer human.

Melissa George is the perfect heroine.

This movie is a pleasant surprise!

Not sure why I’ve never heard of it but really glad I watched it!


Nassau, Bahamas

We just got back from an awesome vacation in Nassau, Bahamas.

And while we had been to the Bahamas before and stayed in Paradise Island, Nassau was definitely my favorite of the two.

Paradise Island and Atlantis was of course beautiful and everyone must go once. The casino, the underground aquarium, the water park and the hotel itself are just beautiful inside and out. However, it is overpriced and so it draws a very high-end crowd, which is not a bad thing, just exclusive.

Nassau was much more laid back, friendly, diverse and Cable Beach was just gorgeous.

We stayed right on Cable Beach.

The views and water are breath-taking. You cant help but fall in love with the place. The people are polite and respectful.

The food is amazing.

Just a short cab ride away you can go to Arawak Cay, also known as the fish fry. The local delicacy is conch. Conch salad, conch fritters, conch burgers and cracked conch! All amazing and worth trying.

This is one of the restaurants preparing conch salad right outside so you can watch them make it fresh. I overdosed on Conch.

The drinks are also very yummy. While you have the option of frozen drinks like pina coladas and miami vices, the local rum punch really delivers a kick.

Right on the beach, they sell drinks out of a coconut, they crack it right there and let you drink the coconut water before filling it with your choice of beverage, seriously refreshing!

We went on a booze cruise, and while the name might put off some people, it was a great deal as you get to snorkel, go to another island, includes lunch and drinks for a very cheap $60. And you get to cruise around Nassau and Paradise Island and take in the view and the water, priceless.

This is the Island we stopped off at, small and deserted, I didn’t want to leave!

But most of the time I was on the beach, the ocean just calls to me and I cant get enough. Building sand castles and swimming in the water was all I wanted to do.

I even went night swimming a couple of nights when the ocean was warm from the days sun. It was like my own little hot tub in the ocean.

Nassau will always have a special place in my heart, as my boyfriend has family there and they visit often. His mother and sister also came with us on this trip.

It runs a close second to my own beautiful island, Puerto Rico.

It is a perfect place to lay back, relax, and take it all in.