A Lonely Place to Die

My boyfriend recorded the movie “A Lonely Place to Die” because he saw Melissa George was in it. We are huge fans and love her in “30 Days of Night” “The Amityville Horror” “Turista” and “Triangle” just to name a few.

A group of friends are headed to the Scottish mountains for some rock climbing and hiking when one of them hears something in the woods. They find a girl buried in the woods, they dig her out and decide to get her to safety.


Little do they know that helping her could cost them their lives.

The movie turns into a chase as they become the target of the kidnappers who took the girl.

The move is fast paced, intense and set against the beauty of the Scottish highlands.

It is interesting to see how these horrible things can happen in such a beautiful place.


The contrast is brilliant.

There is a scene where they are running through a street cardinal and the images, the dancers and the masks are so creepy. The people are like demons and it really adds to the the feel of desperation, of urgency to get to safety.

The kidnapper at one point picks up a pigs mask and puts it one, chasing the heroine though the streets and it is truly creepy. He’s become an animal, hunting his prey, no longer human.

Melissa George is the perfect heroine.

This movie is a pleasant surprise!

Not sure why I’ve never heard of it but really glad I watched it!



4 thoughts on “A Lonely Place to Die

    1. Hey Shannon!
      I read Water for Elephants and it is an amazing book! I just loved Rosie the elephant and Queenie!
      The movie is ok, watch it when you are done, I cried alot during the movie!

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