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Books of Summer

So I’ve been meaning to write about the books I read this Summer but I haven’t had any writing motivation.

So now that it’s almost October and I’m just getting around to it now!

I was finished with grad school and thought I can finally read for fun. I can read whatever I want…….I actually had a lazy start to my summer reading but once I got started I didn’t stop!

So not exactly books that will go in the history as great literature as far as content but fun reads nonetheless!

Sometimes I just take myself too seriously and I turn my nose up at certain books………………………

So I just wanted to give in and read fun, not very serious books for a change.

But I had one book on the list I needed to get to ASAP!

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson biography

Now I’m a huge Apple fanatic. I drank the Kool Aid at my first Macbook, it came with an iPod touch and the rest is history.

But this book is the story of  great man, and how he built Apple.

And while some argue that the iPhone and Apple are the ultimate symbol of materialism. After reading this book, I couldn’t disagree more.

Here is the story of a man who came from nothing, his adoptive parents were hard-working middle class people who went broke sending him to a private college, only for him to drop out with out ever receiving a college degree.

He had amazing ideas, was a genius and didn’t do it for the money. He never sold out. He did it because he was inspired and believed in his product. He was an innovator and when I think of a world without iPods/iPhones/iPad, it’s just so weird!!

He just happened to help create one of the riches company’s in the world.

What I love most about him is he was flawed. He wasn’t perfect and yet, so brilliant.

Walter Isaacson does a great job with the story and the writing.

I highly recommend it!

The 50 Shades of Gray Trilogy by E.L. James

So I kept hearing about these books, friends, Facebook, TV shows, everywhere.

and I resisted, until I finally just said, I gotta read this and see what the big deal is!

Let me start by saying that I did like the books and enjoyed reading them.

I understand why they are so mainstream and have really caught on with the female audience. They were sexual and fast, easy completely enjoyable reading.

That said, by the middle of the second book, I just wanted to know if they ended up together, did someone die or get murdered but all they did was have sex. This is not a bad thing but definitely by the third book, I kinda wanted to skip the sex parts just to see if that damn Christian Gray died or was horribly disfigured in a fire or something.

but you have to get through book 3 and lots of sex to find out!

The Worlds Greatest Love Letters compiled by Michael Kelehan

So then I read this very cool, compilation of love letters from famous people like Napoleon, Lord Byron, Henry the 8th to Ann Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon. I love history and reading historical fiction so this was so much fun!

I liked reading them out loud, the words are lovely.

Very Carrie in “Sex in the City” when she checks out a similar book from the library.

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Susan Collins

So I read these books super fast and devoured them. They are written for a younger audience but once you get into the story, you cant help but be compelled. It’s a love triangle, a suspenseful fight for survival and a message about human kind.

The story is one that is echoed in our own history but modern and young so it has that much more at stake.

I was surprised how much I liked this trilogy and wanted more once the third book was done.

I watched the movie based on the first book and liked it but not as much as the book. I’m assuming the other two books will also have movies to follow and I cant wait to see them.

This is a great read, fast and a great ride!

So now I’m finally going to reading Stephen Kings latest “The Wind through the Key Hole”

and taking suggestions on what to read after that!

Frozen Movie Review

This weekend I watched two movies, Cabin in the Woods and Frozen.

While I really liked Cabin in the Woods and recommend you watch it because its different and kind of fun, Frozen left a lasting impression…….. to say the least.

The premise for the movie is three skiers, two good friends and one of the guys girlfriend, go skiing on a Sunday. They decided to go for one last run at the end of the night.

That’s when the attendant that let them on gets called away, his replacement assumes the place is clear when he sees some skiers coming down the mountain and since there’s some bad weather coming in, shuts down the ski lift and closes the place down.

Having experience a mechanical problem earlier, they figure the lift will start-up again soon……….

then the lights go out in the entire place and panic sets in.

They have been left up there in the cold, in the dark and it’s Sunday so the ski resort is closed until next weekend.

So you the viewer, immediately start to think of options, they can jump, they can use their scarfs to zip line their way to lower ground, they can jump into a tree to break their fall ect. ect. ect.

but it starts to snow, and the temperature drops and you get this sense of dread that they are all going to die up there.

One of the guys decides to jump and as soon as he does, things go from bad to worse.

Without giving too much away, the cold is not the only thing going against them, there are big hungry wolves waiting at the bottom for them.

There is a part when the girl character played by Emma Bell, who has been holding her pee overnight finally just goes on herself and she’s crying……you feel bad for her and then she wipes her face so part of her frost-bitten cheek come off….its awful!

then she falls asleep with her hand on the safety rail of the lift and when she wakes up, its stuck, she has to pull it off and her skin is stuck to it and its enough to make you throw up.

And then you feel bad for them, you want them to make it, because you can imagine that this could be you, and that’s scary!

I think its original, suspenseful, intense and just creepy!

A nice surprise since it wasn’t a big budget film, or even very well publicized.

Written and directed by Adam Green who also wrote Hatchet, very good movie as well.

Starring Emma Bell who was also in Final Destination 5, Shawn Ashmore from The Ruins (great book and movie), and Kevin Zegers who was in Wrong Turn and had a small stint in Gossip Girl, the TV show.

It’s a must see! Watch it and let me know what you think!

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