Deadtime Stories Vol. 1 and 2 by George Romero

So I am a huge fan of horror and its Halloween season so I’m in heaven.

I love short stories and anthologies. My all time favorites are Creepshow 1 and 2 by Stephen King and George Romero.

I was a big fan of Tales from the Crypt, Goosebumps and Are you Afraid of the Dark when I was little. As I got older I discovered The Twilight Zone.

But recently we watched Deadtime Stories by George Romero. We actually watched Volume 2 first and loved it so we looked for Volume 1 and there it was on Netflix.

Each volume contain 3 short stories of terror.
Volume 1

“Valley of the Shadow” about woman searching for her missing husband in a remote tribe’s land.

“Wet” is about a man who digs up a mermaid body part and is warned to bury it back the way he found it for his own safety.

“House call”, is about a doctor being called to the home of a desperate woman who believes her son is a vampire.


Volume 2

“Gorge” about a group of friends that go caving, someone gets hurt and they are stuck there.

“On Sabbath Hill” about a college professor having an affair with a student that goes wrong.

“Dust” about husband trying to cure his wife from cancer by using a dust stolen from a lab, still in the beginning stages of testing.

They are awesome, I might have liked volume 2 more but they are both worth watching and not to be taken seriously. They are fun, tongue in cheek short horror stories. The commentary by George Romero is funny too.

“Now I lay me down to rest, but there’s a goblin on my chest.

He’s gray and ugly and very gory and he wants to tell me a deadtime story”


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