Christmas Movie List 2012

I thought it would be fun to do a Christmas movie list. I wanted it to be short. This was really hard to do. I started with about 20 something movies and slowly and painfully narrowed it down.

This made it so I’m definitely missing some good old classics like “A Christmas Story” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” but I went based on:

1. movies that I loved when I was little,

2. movies I still love to watch

3. and movies I watch now as an adult that weren’t around when I was younger.

I came up with a pretty cool combination of movies. There is a little comedy, a little horror and some old good Christmas spirit movies.


10. Four Christmases

I love this movie. Its funny and I’m a huge fan of Vince Vaughn. It’s not a classic but it makes me laugh and relate it to my family. There are some hilarious scenes in this movie and I just had to squeeze it in here.


9. Elf

This movie is another more recent film that I love to watch around Christmas. Will Farell is hilarious and we get a little Zoe Deschanel in there too. I love the Christmas spirit part of it and the scene in central park when Zoe Deschanel’s character starts to sing always gets me!


8. Miracle on 34th street

I used to watch the older version of this film when I was younger but I love this newer 90s version because of the little girl in it. She is Mara Elizabeth Wilson and she is just adorable. And talk about Christmas spirit! This is a classic that is always playing around the holidays.


8.Polar Express

This movie for me is all visual. I love the graphics and the whole look of it. I love the idea of the misfit toys and the story is really just magical. I watched it while babysitting and I’ve been hooked since!


6. Silent Night, Deadly Night

I could not help myself and  include a couple of horror movies on the list. This is the story of Christmas gone wrong. It’s so bad its good! A must watch Christmas horror.


5. A Christmas Carol

This is another classic that does not need an introduction. There have been many versions made into film and animation. I’m not sure which version I used to watch when I was little but I had to include it on the list. (For a more recent, girly, fun take on this classic, I love the not Christmas related “Ghost of Girlfriends Past” with Jennifer Gardner)


4. The Grinch

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! I love this version on the Grinch Stole Christmas. Jim Carrey and Ron Howard make this an amazing adventure and Dr. Seuss teaches us that the real meaning of Christmas doesn’t come from a store!


3. Black Christmas

Ok, so this is the original Black Christmas from the 70s (but the remake holds its own too so check it out) It is so twisted and creepy. They play “The Nutcracker Suite” throughout the movie and for some reason there is nothing scarier than hearing the Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy as someone is being chased and murdered. Must watch it now!!!

2. Home Alone


I couldn’t get away from Home Alone on this list. This is the movie that transcends space and time. I watched it this holiday season with two different sets of kids I babysit for, different ages and genders and no matter what, it’s a hit. We all sit there completely enthralled, laughing, feeling sad for Kevin, then rejoicing when he gets the bad guys and his mom comes home! This is a movie that will be watched by generations to come.


1. Gremlins!!!

This is my number one because I loved it as a child and I still just love this movie today. And believe it or not, it gets me in the holiday spirit because it takes place during Christmas! Phoebe Cates is adorable in it and her characters story of how her father was found dead in the chimney a week after Christmas in a santa outfit and a broken neck is classic Christmas horror. Of course there is Gizmo! If I got him for Christmas I would make sure to not feed him after midnight!

So I hope you enjoyed my list. And if you want to add one of your favorites that I missed, please feel free to comment!

Merry Christmas from Kat and Liz


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