Happy 2nd Birthday Gracie Lou Who!

From the day Grace came home, she turned our world upside down! She is a handful. I had completely forgotten what puppy hood was like. Our first dog Snoopy, a JRT or Parson Russell was an insane puppy! He could have a series of books. Our 2nd dog but 1st Scottie Elizabeth was an angel puppy, so we weren’t expecting Grace.

She eats all kinds of stuff she isn’t supposed to, and when she was a pup that included her own poop! She breaks into toilet paper and baby wipes, she’s accident prone and a very stinky girl. She like to get dirty and matted. She’s a Wheaton Scottie so her light fur shows it. Sometimes I wondered if it was because she is a Wheaton!


532847_467332060003514_2118025416_n 943426_471162816287105_848624106_n








Some days I questioned my decision to get another dog….





But I cant imagine our life without Grace in it!

When our daughter was born, I realized that Grace will be there for Kenzi, like Elizabeth was there for me. It makes perfect sense!

Life is as it should be,

So here’s to Grace! Happy 2nd birthday, we love our Wheatie Scottie girl!




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