She’s my human!

It’s been an emotional week, Elizabeth crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2/4/13 and I’ve been thinking a lot about her, I miss her dearly, I still get sad. I don’t think that will ever go away. It’s fine, I can sit with the pain and let it be. I understand it too shall pass.

Yesterday I had friends that had to say goodbye to their beloved Scotties and Westie, I feel for them too. It brings it all back for me.

Once the sadness is over I can recognize that she’s still here, shes everywhere, in pictures, in our memories, our hearts, that she’s a part of me, I will be with her again.

I’ve been wearing this button a dear friend gave me around my name tag at work for a couple of days now and it makes me feel better.

I will always be her human.



6 thoughts on “She’s my human!

  1. I have that image on my work ID too. It’s so true. I can’t even imagine how painful losing Liz was for you. Just thinking about losing one of mine makes my heart pound and causes me to not be able to catch my breath in panic. I agree with you that sometimes things will just hurt forever and that’s ok. She was important to you and continues to be. Wherever she is I know she is looking after all those who loved her. Thinking of you and sending our love (and nose bumps from Jacque and Pippen).

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